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Images from this month’s Vogue

This month’s Vogue (UK) is adorned with a denim-clad Alexa Chung, as the vigilant among you will already have clocked, and perusing on-set videos from the shoot I was struck by the proclamation that “the look today was denim”. As if we hadn’t already clocked that from one glance around us. But for a large majority, every day’s look is denim. Denim is a wardrobe staple, a practical foundation for any outfit, an old friend or a new foe (particularly in the post-Christmas months). Whether skinny or flared or ripped or sequinned, denim jeans are ordinary. What isn’t ordinary, is a full on denim attack to the retinas, as observed in Chloé’s latest collection, for example:

Am I the only one horrified at the prospect of anyone taking this idea off the catwalk and into real life??
Anyway, for those of you not struck by The Fear of Double Denim, Jonathan Saunders’ Topshop collection will be a major seasonal peak:

Not to mention this piece that I personally am a bit dubious about, from Topshop Unique:

And anyone quick off the mark might catch the most wearable piece of structured denim I’ve clocked recently on sale from Acne, lovely:

Psynopsis also posted a recent structured Acne take on denim, of which I am a major fan. That’s what I call architecturally sound. Anyway, my own denims are far from structured, and that’s exactly how I like them. Slouchy from repeated wear, yet easily re-invigorated with life again with every wash. The perfect chameleons.


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February 5, 2010 at 12:25

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