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For the most part, I work from home. A (debatable) perk of being a translator. “You lucky devil!”, you may say, “wear your pyjamas and scrape back your hair and avoid wearing make-up and drink coffee allllll day!” But I lack a working wardrobe! I miss secret power-dressing office clashes and eyeing up who has what and building up a collection of shoulder-padded jackets that will attempt to confirm my status as leading the stylish pack. My lack of indulgence in office chic always means I’m far more prone than most to fall for simple, stylish, utilitarian, working wardrobe chic. Uniqlo might be old news in the blogging world, but they pull this whole thing off trumps, and I’m eyeing up a pair of these at any rate:

l may not have the longest legs in the world, but I’m game to try them anyway, dressed up and down and in every imaginable way. I love the soft greys et al (and have you seen their pastel jeans?) Plus, Heattech is on sale and it was in the minus degrees in chilly, stony old Edinburgh this morning!


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February 20, 2010 at 15:36

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