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Iced Gems?

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Bling bling! Oh alright, the ring is actually more “architecture and domed landscape” of Moscow and less iced confectionary, but the likeness was too good to ignore. Wouldn’t mind sporting a bit of Eastern charm in the shape of this little lovely!


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March 31, 2010 at 20:43

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Firstly, a slightly belated thank you to both Clare and Clare for giving me an award on their blogs! I promise I will at some point get around to passing it on to six more deserving bloggers, but in the meantime I would recommend that you all have a look at their blogs, if I haven’t said it before. Definitely do! And must also recommend that you check out the glorious headband Clare posted about that she made with her own highly skilled hands!

So super. I think I’m taken with it because my hair is being such a pain at the moment (though to be fair I’m not taking brilliant care of it because I’m too busy flipping through dictionaries and tedious articles) and it seems like the perfect addition for anyone with a fringe like Clare’s, as I have!

And, in my true not-quite-in-season-always-looking-forwards way, here are some scrumptious No. 6 boots (and a pair of lovely summery clogs that would be perfect with socks and shorts!):

I know that Camille of Childhood Flames was talking about these a while ago, and I can 100% see why. I am sick of my shoes and boots falling apart so quickly, I think I need an investment pair next year and these are high on the list of possibilities!

Today I handed in my dissertation, nice and early, and finally have time to enjoy the things I wish all over again! Hurrah! So better posting most likely from now on, which is good news all round.

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March 24, 2010 at 15:56

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Legs 11!

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Trousers used to be the last thing I thought about when it came to outfits. Literally, the last thing. Slim fit jeans were (and have been) ‘in’ for years and were the perfect basic base to many a combination. Plus, I wore skirts and dresses enough to not think about it overly. But focus has moved back towards trousers in the past few seasons with an increased passion and interest, and I can’t ignore the fact that the dropped-crotch, pegleg thing has changed my attitude towards trousers entirely – is it possible to be more comfortable than this?! I do doubt it. Pull on some heels and I can wear these slouchy wonders out IN PUBLIC! Massive coup.

Anyway, with summer approaching I am looking for the perfect pair of trousers to take me through (some people think this lunacy, but shorts are not always an option in breezy Scotland, where I’ll be for a considerable few months at the very least. Plus, in sunshine I burn up like a dry leaf in a forest fire, tiresome!) Lovely slouchy basic t-shirts are a must-have for summertime, but rather than reduce my outfits to boring shorts + white/grey t-shirt combinations, I’m pondering my next legwear investment. Whilst slightly out of my price range, Peter Jensen is doing wonderful things for trousers, and that green shade is melting my insides with joy:

And Siwy are (understandably, given their reputation with denim) making legwear an extremely tempting thing – sort of Christopher Kane-esque I think, given the tight black legwear and subtly embossed gold blooms, mmmm! (On sale for UK Urban Outfitters shoppers too, only ¬£79 for those who wish to be in the know…):

And Asos are providing a plethora of options, here of which are two I’m eyeing up:

Trousers for spring/summer, total lunacy? OH, but what better excuse to introduce some braces to an outfit?! I’m a sucker for braces, quaint and charming and not everyone’s cup of tea, but definitely mine. But if there are a few wee rays of sunshine, no matter how weak and dwindling, and lovely bright light, and some spring flowers poking through the grass in the parks, I will be delighted and probably care very little about what I may or may not be wearing! (I’m sure anyone living outside of the UK will be cracking up reading this in tropical heat sitting by their pools in skimpy bikinis.)

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March 23, 2010 at 11:51

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The oompa factor

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I’ve never had a musical bone in my body, but I’ve had a go at more instruments in my time than I can count. To make up for this vital lack of actual musical skill, everyone’s favourite Swedes Acne came up with the perfect dress for me:

(Pardon my overjoyed face! I do love a nice quality Acne piece but never manage to pull of the “I’m long and lithe and Scandinavian and sultry and I’m going to positively smoulder in this” thing…)

It’s one of the best sales purchases I’ve ever made (I’m usually rubbish at sales, just rubbish, never find anything of worth). Last week we had a German-themed party (don’t ask, my boyfriend decided the theme…) and this is what I wore, I at least felt it had the “oompa-oompa-Bavaria” thing going on (One guest even hand made and brought kaisersp√§tzle, delicious!) Anyway, priority for me is being able to wear this with bare legs come spring/summer – making my pale Scottish pins presentable is going to be on my list of priorities as soon as I hand in this flipping assignment! That and washing my clothes/conditioning my hair/sorting my chipped nail polish/organising a flat somewhere warm and European come summer/actually getting some sleep! The list feels endless. My wardrobe needs a tidy-out. Gah!

Enough of my boring, domestic moaning. I will try and come back with something semi-interesting very soon, but in the meantime have a peek at Christopher Kane commenting on that leather/patent/floral collection that got everyone talking, here The way he creates his characters and background story for a collection is utterly endearing.

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March 22, 2010 at 17:29

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Karl Lagerfeld

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I admire porn. I admire porn actors. Frustration is the mother of crime, and so there would be much more crime without prostitutes and porn movies…[but] I personally only like high-class escorts. I don’t like sleeping with people I really love. I don’t want to sleep with them because sex cannot last, but affection can last forever. I think this is healthy. And for the way the rich live, this is possible. But the other world, I think they need porn. – Karl Lagerfeld.

I think the more pressing issue here is that you need to pay for sex, Karl! I, however, am quite happy in “the other world” (without porn, no less!) and would like you to just go back to designing increasingly mediocre collections where you’re forced to ship in hay bales and Swedish icebergs and make sensational comments in interviews to deflect attention from that fact. Now, enough of that nonsense!

The lovely, far more reasonable Christopher Kane has perfectly channelled my mood upon reading the above interview with this, somehow:

Sold out, boo hoo.

Oh! And bad news for my matte-polish fondness! I got my hands on some of this a few weeks ago:

And it’s super! Works beautifully, etc etc. Only, it makes polish so prone to chipping!

All I did was chop some courgettes. So, reserved for special occasions only, I think. What a shame, though!

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March 20, 2010 at 18:16

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It’s the weekend?

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I am well and truly off the radar at the minute with all my work, and am not keeping up with anything, which is annoying because I imagine a lot of trends are being neatly collated in nooks and crannies across the interweb having been suitably digested post-fashion-weeks. Anyway, the only thing I seem to be concerned about is my dissertation-writing survival kit! Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lip Balm (with SPF, as if I’m getting out of the house enough to make that a worthwhile addition at the moment):

And Simple Soothing Eye Balm, for those creeping eye bags… the other night apparently they were “huge” and “dark” (thanks to my boyfriend for that loving appraisal):

Yes, it’s ridiculous, I’ve become one of those people sitting at a computer until the early hours of the morning, nitpicking grammatical details, surrounded by empty mugs (this is my new favourite tea blend, in case you were wondering) and tubes of hand cream (I know, why always handcream? Typing categorically does not overly dry out hands!) Plus, a piece of this banana loaf every once in a while – I know, “no fat”, misery! The truth of the matter is that I have acne (shock horror, someone who blogs about fashion who isn’t perfect is every conceivable way[!] Believe me, I do think I’m the only one because everyone blogging out there appears to be flawless to a depressing degree, why do you all have to be so lovely?!) and I’m starting some medication on monday which will hopefully sort me out, but for it I need to keep my cholesterol low for the next 6 months, hence me finding my way around cake-eating where possible! Blah blah, too much boring information already. Any tasty meal suggestions for boring low-cholesterol people like me would be much appreciated, ho ho, I’m currently living on salad, salad, walnuts and salad.

Anyway, I do have to admit to taking a break for long enough just to have a little peek at the more detailed lookbook shots for Acne’s autumn/winter 2010 collection:

Cha-ching! Just a little teaser, sorry I don’t have time to post more but if you head to their site you can knock yourself out. Never in my life did I imagine I’d warm to the idea of fake fur, it’s just not very me, but I’m well and truly convinced. Plus, the fur meeting the space-age feel that seems to be constantly floating around Acne HQ is a sensational combination.

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March 19, 2010 at 19:09

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Good evening!

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Lazy blogger alert! In place of actual thought and with pressing deadlines, I am posting some fashion week photographs from Vogue’s street style coverage that had me going for whatever reason and that I’ve been keeping in mind ever since. Firstly, a lesson in good coats and good, glimpsing shades of green:

Followed by enviable individuality, particularly in the headwear stakes:

Beautiful Rue du Mail dress alert! And a cape! This lady is living the dream:

But this last photo is my absolute favourite – she looks sublime! Swoon:


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March 17, 2010 at 19:32

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