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Firstly, a slightly belated thank you to both Clare and Clare for giving me an award on their blogs! I promise I will at some point get around to passing it on to six more deserving bloggers, but in the meantime I would recommend that you all have a look at their blogs, if I haven’t said it before. Definitely do! And must also recommend that you check out the glorious headband Clare posted about that she made with her own highly skilled hands!

So super. I think I’m taken with it because my hair is being such a pain at the moment (though to be fair I’m not taking brilliant care of it because I’m too busy flipping through dictionaries and tedious articles) and it seems like the perfect addition for anyone with a fringe like Clare’s, as I have!

And, in my true not-quite-in-season-always-looking-forwards way, here are some scrumptious No. 6 boots (and a pair of lovely summery clogs that would be perfect with socks and shorts!):

I know that Camille of Childhood Flames was talking about these a while ago, and I can 100% see why. I am sick of my shoes and boots falling apart so quickly, I think I need an investment pair next year and these are high on the list of possibilities!

Today I handed in my dissertation, nice and early, and finally have time to enjoy the things I wish all over again! Hurrah! So better posting most likely from now on, which is good news all round.


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March 24, 2010 at 15:56

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